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We are sorry to announce
that the 2015 Bike For Your Life
is cancelled


Too many of our existing board members have significant personal obligations this year, and there were not enough new volunteers to make BFYL viable this year


Bike for Your Life has been suffering from a steadily decreasing number of board members for a few years now. If you are interested in volunteering, it is pretty light work. There are 6 or 7 meetings per year. Here are the positions that we would ideally like to fill:

  • President

  • Secretary

  • Treasurer

  • Volunteer Coordinator

  • Raffle Coordinator

  • Routes Coordinator

  • Registration Coordinator

  • Site Coordinator

  • Sponsorship Coordinator

  • Promotion Coordinator

  • Website Administrator

Information about Bike For Your Life:

Check out our promo video from 2012. Thanks to Shaw TV

This event, held for the first time, in our area, in 1999, was established to promote good health and a cleaner environment through cycling. We have organized a variety of routes to cater to the cycling needs of novice and experienced cyclists. Averaging over 300 participants per year, our events have attracted individuals ranging in age from the very young to over 80. The goals of the Bike For Your Life Committee are to present a fun day of non-competitive activity for both the individual and families and to encourage and promote cycling as a vital part of everyday life.  A portion of each registration fee is donated to the Oceanside Stroke Recovery Association and many stroke survivors help with the running of the event.

This year there are 15, 35, 50, 70 and 100 km scenic routes all starting from and ending at the Parksville Community Centre. These routes travel through Parksville and Qualicum Beach and rural areas of the mid-island Oceanside region. All routes are well marked, directions are clear, and marshals are located at strategic locations. Course marshals will ride along each route to assist riders and provide directional information, as necessary. The 100 km route, known as the Jim Ryan Memorial Route, has been established to honour Jim Ryan, a local rider, who tragically passed away in a biking accident in the fall of 2007.

Refreshment stations are located along each route; refreshments are also available after the ride. 

Helmets are mandatory and all participants are expected to obey all traffic safety laws. 

 Click on "Registration" to get information on registration and entry fees. 

****Register early to get the best registration price. To encourage early registration, which is very helpful on event day, there is a price increase of $10 for singles on the day of the event. Register early****

Contact for any additional information concerning the event.  

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Route Information

All five Bike For Your Life routes - 15, 35, 50, 70 and 100 km - are designed to provide a fun and safe cycling experience for riders of all ages and abilities. Safety is the major consideration on all routes. All routes will be well marked and have safety marshals at key points to direct riders. Rest stations with water, refreshments and bathroom facilities will be available. Maps and written directions are available (click left margin for specific routes) and on site for those who may require them.  All routes begin and end at the Parksville Community Centre back parking lot.

All Bike For Your Life participants are reminded that they must wear an approved bicycle helmet, and are expected to obey traffic safety laws. The Bike For Your Life Committee suggests that riders wear high visibility or light-coloured clothing to improve their visibility to vehicles and to have their bicycles recently serviced to ensure a safer and more enjoyable ride.